ABC Event Production GmbH & Co. KG, under the wings of media artist Andree Verleger, develops intelligent show concepts for a variety of different events. Live Communication Events, Opening or Closing Ceremonies, TV Formats, Launches, Concerts, … .

Verleger and ABC are brought on board by world governments, agencies and TV stations. Each individual project define and determine whether it be a leading position, or as part of a larger, creative team. 

Our extensive interdisciplinary expertises in creating masterpieces are:

-       Creating Concepts, Storyboards and Rundowns for Shows or just parts of it
-       Creating Set and Stage Designs
-       Film and Media Production
-       Music and Sound Composition
-       Light Design
-       Art Direction
-       Show Direction & Producing
-       Stage Choreographies
-       Interactive Screen Performances
-       Research, Programming and Scripting new innovative tools